Conference Themes


Conference Themes


Covers topics related to: History and Theory in Anthropology, Structure and function in primitive society, Ethnography as Cultural Translation, Anthropology and the Study of Power, Post-modern anthropology and meta-ethnography, Cultural and Social Anthropology, Language, Culture and Change, Language and Gender, Globalization, Physical Anthropology, Natural Selection, Populations, Phylogenies, Primate Ecology, Human origins, Modern human origins, Human behavior, Human evolution and human variation today, Ethnographic Methods and Writing, Anthropology of Media, Media Forms, Social Practices, The Social Sites of Media Production, Television and the Cultural Politics, Radio and Telephony, Witnessing and Activism, The Politics of Indigenous Media, Photography as Archive and Practice, Societies and Cultures Eurasia, The Anthropology of Food, Civilization, Cultural Ecology, Anthropology of Gender, Marriage and Family and related topics in Anthropology.

Economics & Finance

Covers topics related to: General Economics, Business Cycles theories, Game theory, Money and banking, Labor Market Studies, Regulatory economics, Fiscal Policies, Technology and Knowledge Innovations, Global Financial Crises, Economic Methodology, Schools of Economics, Production and Organizations, Market Structure and Pricing, Welfare Economics, Public Finance, Public Economics, Law and Economics, Prices, Economic Policy, International Finance, International Economics, Financial Economics, Sociology of Economics, Emerging Markets, Banking & Financial Services, Country Risk, Debt Issues, Insurance, Reinsurance, Corporate Governance, Financial Crises, Multinational Finance, Market Integration and Interest Rates, Accounting, Regulation & Taxation, Monetarism, Rational Expectations Theory, Prices and Inflation, International Economic Order, International Investment and related topics in Economics & Finance.


Covers topics related to: Early Childhood Education,  Special Education,  Science Education, Elementary Education, Geographical Education, Health Education, Secondary Education, Social Studies Education,  Research Methodologies, Academic Research Projects, Research on Technology in Education,  The Bologna Process and its implementation, Joint-Degree Programmes, Erasmus and Exchange experiences in universities, Continuing Education, Higher Education, Educational Administration, Human Resource Development, Education Policy and Leadership, Accreditation and Quality Assurance, Copy-right, Quality processes at National and International level, Courses, Tutorials, Curriculum Design, Teacher Education, Cross-disciplinary areas of Education, Educational Psychology, Life-long Learning Education, Reading Education, Distance Education, E-Learning, Educational Technology, Internet technologies, Language Education and related topics in Education.


Covers topics related to: History of Psychology, Research methods in Psychology, The profession of Psychology, Major approaches in Psychology, Psychology  for society, Psychology and development, Psychology and gender studies, Psychology and spirituality, Psychology and urbanization, Psychometry and assessment, Role of qualitative research in psychotherapy, Violence & criminal studies, New trends in organizational psychology, Mobbing – Bullying in workplace, Conflict and Stress management, Burnout and workload, Positive psychology and happiness, Group behavior, Drug abuse & alcoholism, Neuroscience, Cognitive psychology, Evaluation & human behavior, Aggression, Theories of gender development, Motivation, Emotions, Social and Cultural Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Child Development and related topics in psychology.


Covers topics related to: History of Political Thought, Historiography in the Modern West, Historical Traditions in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds, Military History, Gender in History, Diplomatic History, Ottoman History, Islamic and Turkish History, Byzantine History, History of Islam, British History, Medieval Europe, US Historiography, History of American Politics, Religion in East and West, History of American Radicalism, Museum and Archives History, Jewish History and Religion, Economic History and Capitalism, Cultural History, Religion and Nationalism in 19th Century Europe, American Legal History, History of Russia, Imperialism and Nation State Formation, Nationalism, Revolution and Reform, The Mediterranean and Middle East, Christian Societies Emerge in Europe, Inner and East Asia, The Cold War and Decolonization, The Soviet Union, Nazism and Fascism in Europe and Asia, and related topics in History. Archaeological Science, Origins and modernity in Archaeology, Changing perspectives in archaeology,  Types of Archaeology, History of Archaeology, Archaeology of Ancient Egypt, Methods and Theory in Archaeology, Studies in African Archaeology, Studies in European Archaeology, Contemporary Theory in Archaeology and related topics in Archaeology.


Covers topics related to: Public and Private law, Commercial law, Tort law, Property law, Administrative law, Tax law, Environmental law, Human rights law, Legal systems and their Institutions, European law, The institutions of international justice, Judicial System,  Government Structure, Legislature, Legal Methodology, Civil Procedure, Islamic Law, Teaching Methodology, Family and Juvenile Law, Health Law, Constitutional Law, Constitutional Justice,  Criminal Law, Civil Law,  Contract Law,  Intellectual Property Law,  Employment Law,  Corporate Law, Business Organization Law, Immigration Law, Real Estate Law, Sports and Entertainment Law, History of Law, Philosophy of Law and related topics in Law.


Covers topics related to: Recent Innovations in Management, Training and Development, Technology Management, Business Environment, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Accounting and Finance, Management Accounting, Management of family business, Marketing of Financial Services, Education and human development in management, Management of Commercial Geography, Management conflicts in enterprises, Management of Social Sector, Education and Employment,  Management and bureaucracy, The management of Business finance, Project management, Managing business transformation, Managing the marketing role, International relationships in management, Timetabling in management, Social communications in management, Knowledge management, Motivation of Human Resource, Business strategies, Leadership and corporate governance, Change management, Managerial Accounting, Personal Ethics at Work, Sales and Sales Management, Organizational Leadership, Psychology and Decision Making and related topics in Management.

Political Science

Covers topics related to: International Relations, Nationalism and identity policies, Political Participation, NGO’s and civic culture, Political Theory, Comparative Politics and Comparative Government, Political Systems, International Politics, Politics of European Integration, Modernization in Turkey and Iran, American Politics, Political Science Research Methods, Gender Politics, Political Economy, Politics in Russia, Public Administration, Global Governance, Public Policy, Power and Justice, The Presidency, Voting, Campaigning, and Elections, Political Psychology, Democracy and Its Critics, Liberty and Equality, Modern Political Ideologies, European Integration, Politics of Developing Countries, Government and Politics of the Middle East, Politics of Human Rights, Autocracy, Democracy, and Prosperity, The Soviet Successor States, Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict, International Law and Organizations, United States Foreign Policy, International Terrorism and related topics in Political Science.


Covers topics related to: Tourism Products & Attraction, Forms of Tourism: religious, historical, social, adventure, health, business, conferences, conventions, incentives, sports and adventure, Tourist Transportation, A study of International Tourism Organisations, Travel formalities, Approval of Travel Agents and Tour Operators, Functions of a Travel Agent, Functions of a Tour Operator, Public and Private sector in Travel Agency Business, Public and Private sector in Tour Operation Business, Tourism Resources, Tourism Policy, Tourism Planning, Tourism Geography, Tourism marketing, Practical Tourism, Tour Operation Management, Role of Computer Information systems in travel trade, Hotel &  Resort Management, Communication tools for promoting tourism products, Accounting & Finance Management, Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism, Event Management and related topics in Tourism.

We welcome paper submissions and prospective authors are invited to submit full, original research papers which is not submitted, published or under consideration in other conferences and journals.